Tips for writing a short story

December 4, 2017

I've been asked many times whether it was through messages or face to face, how to write a short story and what to include. Personally, I've only written a few short stories but from what I've gained, I can share to you my own tips. There are some tips that you've seen already but I see them as the most useful, especially when it comes to writing a short story.



A few tips to consider when writing a short story:


- Don't go deep into detail however describe the setting vividly so that the reader can depict the story easily.


- Main character should reach its goal at the end of the story unless it's a novella or leaves a cliffhanger, leaving the reader in suspense. 


- Focus on the main plot, don't have too many sub-plots which will make it harder for your character/s to manage and solve. 


- There should be a building up conflict, climax then resolution. 


- Try not to have too many characters, maybe two or three, depending on the story. 


- Very important, the first few sentences should draw the reader in and make them wanting more. It's easy to skip through a short story and onto the next one. That's why it's important to have a good introduction. 


- Referring to the point above, with one of my short stories, I started with action so it indulged the reader to find out what happens to the main character.



I hope those few tips get you started on that short story you wanted to write. In the future, I might add more when I write another short story. These are the main points I covered that I even look back when I get stuck on writing. Hopefully, this post has helped you or gave you an idea on what to write. If not, check out my short stories for inspiration! 






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